The Dangers of Construction Work

The Dangers of Construction Work

Sep 01

For people in many professions, the workplace can be hazardous. Nearly any job that requires physical labor entails a multitude of different risks. Even jobs that are not inherently dangerous can result in injuries and accidents under unsafe circumstances. Although all workplaces are supposed to follow guidelines to keep their employees safe, some companies fail to take the appropriate precautions to prevent accidents. This is particularly dangerous on construction site where heavy materials and machinery are frequently in use. Failure to properly train employees, post adequate safety signage, and appropriately maintain the work site can lead to a dangerous and even deadly accident. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press recently reported on one such construction accident that resulted in the death of a worker.

Construction worker Enrique Rosas Murga was killed on the job in August of 2017. He was working on a project in Farmington for Valmont Industries when the accident occurred. Rosas Murga and another employee were operating a machine that turns metal pipes into flagpoles and light poles, at the time of the crash. The pole came loose of the machine and hit Rosas Murga on the head. Although he was wearing a hard hat, he sustained several serious blunt force injuries to the head. The medical examiner stated that these injuries could be from the impact of the pipe itself, or the pipe could have caused Rosas Murga to hit his head on another object. Valmont Industries is working with OSHA and manufacturing experts to understand what caused this accident and how to prevent accidents of this kind in the future. However, a retired employee of Valmont Industries commented that this death was likely caused by one of three problems: operator error, machine malfunction, or Rosas Murga’s assistant was not pay close enough attention.

Rosas Murga’s fellow workers are devastated by this loss to their team, and undoubtedly Rosas Murga’s family and loved ones are feeling a similar sense of grief. This accident shows just how dangerous a construction worksite can be when even small errors are made. It seems likely that Rosas Murga’s death could have been prevented has the company taken steps to ensure that their machinery and their employees were prepared for the job. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done retrospectively to help Rosas Murga, but hopefully, the company will change their actions moving forward.

For Rosas Murga’s family, not only does this loss come with significant grief and sorrow, but they must also manage the financial loss that this accident has caused. They must now take on the financial burden of a lost income and any additional expenses that this accident has created. However, they may be entitled to worker’s compensation, which can help cover these costs. Although this money will not help end the pain they must be experiencing, it will ensure that they can remain financially stable during this difficult time. Overall, more needs to be done to ensure a safe workplace for people in this line of work.

The Benefits of Preventing Disabling Workplace Injuries

The Benefits of Preventing Disabling Workplace Injuries

Jun 02

It is in the best interest of both employers and employees to enforce certain protocols throughout the nature of the contract in order to ensure that both parties are well-aware of their responsibilities. The employer, for example, is responsible for making sure that the employee they hire is physically capable of the workload that is entrusted to him or her upon employment. Failure to enforce this rule can, according to the website of WorkSTEPS, result in serious injury to the point that it could cause temporary or permanent disability.

Pre-employment testing then both protects the right of the employee to benefits should a disabling injury occur, as well as the employer from employees who might abuse the right to obtain legal compensation. It benefits both parties in the long run to take special precautions to prevent disabling workplace injuries.

However, should the circumstance present itself, the employee is then legally owed rightful benefits if he or she is ever injured at the workplace. According to the website of the Indiana Social Security lawyers at the Hankey Law Office, most people rely on their profession in order to generate income for their own families. Should they suddenly be unable to work due to an injury, it then affects the entire family as well. Employees tend to work better when they know that they are treated well and that they are protected. The protection in the form of benefits then extends to their family as well.

Disability can come in both physical and mental forms – and they can be triggered by even the most miniscule of accidents that could have been due to negligence that should have been avoided. Either way, there is a lot of stress that comes with filing for benefits as well as seeking them, should the employer or insurance company be difficult to work with.

That is why it recommended to go into the situation with legal help, should the situation call for it.